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In these processes, where the state puts on its most
hideous expression, a no less detestable consensus is
forged over a particularly reactive conception that can
be summarized thus : the destruction or theft of a few
goods in the frenzy of a riot is infinitely more culpable
than the police assassination of a young man — the assas-
sination that caused the riot. The government and press
hastily assess the damage. And here is the vicious idea
spread by all this : the death of the young man — a ‘black hooligan’, no doubt, or an Arab ‘known to the police’
— is nothing compared with all these additional costs.
Let us grieve not for the death, but for the insurance

Here, by contrast, it will be asserted that the life of
a young man is priceless — all the more so in that he is
one of the countless people abandoned by our society.
To believe that the intolerable crime is to burn a few
cars and rob some shops, whereas to kill a young man is
trivial , is typically in keeping with what Marx regarded
as the principal alienation of capitalism: the primacy
of things over existence, of commodities over life and
machines over workers.

Alain Badiou, The Rebirth of History: Times of Riots and Uprisings  (via navigatethestream)

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I’ve been told a person can’t live without sleep and

That nobody likes a Monday but they always wake up anyway.

You don’t listen when your mom speaks to you.

You never liked the sound of your voice.

You’re August and sometimes you’re December.

You’re never July.

Your room is warm.

Your feet are cold.

Your head is warm.

Your thoughts are cold.

You don’t sleep but you live anyway.

"You’re never July"

Shari anna heck

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'cause we live a happy and colorful life

A national hero

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You are not to touch yourself
in any way
or be familiar with ecstasy.
You are not to touch
anyone of your own sex
or outside of your race
then talk about it,
photograph it, write it down
in explicit details, or paint it
red, orange, blue, or dance
in honor of its power, dance
for its beauty, dance
because it’s yours.

You are not to touch other flesh
without a police permit.
You have no privacy -
the State wants to seize your bed
and sleep with you.
The State wants to control
your sexuality, your birth rate,
your passion.
The message is clear:
your penis, your vagina,
your testicles, your womb,
your anus, your orgasm,
these belong to the State.

You are not to touch yourself
or be familiar with ecstasy.
The erogenous zones
are not demilitarized.

essex hemphill, the occupied territories.  (via ethiopienne)

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It’s always the way it goes;
you come across a forest
filled with green leaves
and rocky paths.
And thinking,
I have a brave heart,
you wander inwards
toward the dark.
Only once the sunlight’s passed
and you are stuck
not knowing which way to start
that you see the difference
in knowing yourself
and knowing your heart.
Don’t lose hope,
you’ll find a clearing.
It can’t be far.
Michel LazzaroExpectations (via exhalingcatalysts)

(via exhalingcatalysts)

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